Reading Amateur Regatta

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Reading Amateur Regatta (Sun)

Sunday 11th June 2017

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Results for Reading RC

RaceTimeStatusNext RaceWinnerSecondTimeVerdict
36813:06IM2.8+422(255) Henley RC(256) Reading RC (Christopher)3:301 length
41816:06W.IM3.8+449(275) University of Chester(277) Reading RC (Klymow)3:523/4 length
41415:24W.NOV.8+448(282) Southampton University (Crew Harvey)(283) Reading RC (Williams)3:571 1/2 lengths
35411:39NOV.4+410(302) Reading RC (Palmer-White)(301) Winchester College BC (Kravets)NTTRow Over
41015:12NOV.4+451(304) Winchester College BC (Bonnefous)(302) Reading RC4:053 lengths
40114:45IM1.4-443(325) Radley College Boat Club (RAD)(324) Reading RC (Leech)NTTeasily
40214:48IM1.4-443(326) Bedford Rowing Club (Todd)(327) Reading RC (Croll)3:381 3/4 lengths
44017:40W.J15.4X+ (344) Henley RC(343) Reading RC (Thornton)4:154 lengths
39414:24W.J14.4X+439(349) Reading RC (Pollard)(351) Surbiton High School (La Frenais)4:244 3/4 lengths
43917:09W.J14.4X+ (349) Reading RC(346) Surbiton High School (Lambert)4:203 1/2 lengths
39214:18IM1.2X438(352) Agecroft/Isle of Ely(354) Reading RC (Whitten/Delhoume)3:51easily
30709:03IM2.1X332(380) Reading RC (C Iddon)(381) Earith (A Carter)4:302 1/2 lengths
33010:12IM2.1X385(375) Broxbourne RC (R Cheale)(376) Reading RC (R Laney)4:022 lengths
33210:33IM2.1X386(380) Reading RC(379) Reading University (D Tope)NTTRow Over
38614:00IM2.1X425(377) University of the West of England(380) Reading RC4:17easily
30408:54NOV.1X325(382) Reading RC (A Phillips)(383) Reading University (H Hannam)NTT1 1/2 lengths
30508:57NOV.1X328(390) Reading University (C O Bryan)(391) Reading RC (R Marsland)NTTRow Over
32509:57NOV.1X383(384) Reading RC (W Robinson)(382) Reading RC4:072 feet
32610:00NOV.1X383(385) Reading University (H Parrish)(386) Reading RC (N Brown)NTTRow Over
38313:51NOV.1X434(384) Reading RC(385) Reading University4:294 lengths
43416:54NOV.1X (384) Reading RC(389) Southampton University4:032 lengths
32409:54J16.1X382(395) Reading RC (W Pratt)(396) Thames RC (H Murray)4:48Row Over
38113:45J16.1X433(393) Twickenham RC (A Stephenson)(392) Reading RC (O Turner)4:123 lengths
38213:48J16.1X433(394) Thames RC (T Humphrey-Evans)(395) Reading RCNTT1/2 length
30208:48J15.1X320(397) Reading RC (J Rundle)(398) Twickenham RC (J Benton)NTT5 lengths
30308:51J15.1X323(406) Maidenhead RC (S O Connor)(405) Reading RC (E Chatfield)NTT2 lengths
32009:42J15.1X378(397) Reading RC(399) Maidenhead RC (M Dunlop)4:225 lengths
37813:36J15.1X432(397) Reading RC(401) Maidenhead RC3:53easily
43216:48J15.1X (397) Reading RC(406) Maidenhead RC4:041/4 length
37713:33W.IM2.1X431(410) De Montfort University RC (P Jones)(409) Reading RC (J Shepherd)4:511/3 length
30108:45W.NOV.1X319(419) Reading University (A Mayall)(418) Reading RC (S Schryver)NTTRow Over
31609:30W.NOV.1X374(411) Reading University (H Horler)(412) Reading RC (S Lee)5:26easily
31709:33W.NOV.1X374(413) De Montfort University RC (K Tastagh)(414) Reading RC (N Stagg)NTTa canvas
31809:36W.NOV.1X375(416) Reading RC (K Reeman)(415) Reading University (C Hesketh)5:00easily
37513:27W.NOV.1X429(419) Reading University(416) Reading RCNTT1 1/4 lengths
37213:18W.Sch.1X428(421) Twickenham RC (M Duthart)(420) Reading RC (F Sendall)NTTRow Over
37313:21W.Sch.1X428(423) Reading RC (I Richards)(422) Wallingford RC (L Bird)NTTRow Over
42816:36W.Sch.1X (421) Twickenham RC(423) Reading RCNTTeasily
37113:15W.J16.1X427(426) Reading RC (M Pollard)(425) Wallingford RC (Z Lewis)4:54easily
42716:33W.J16.1X (426) Reading RC(424) Twickenham RC (A Panose)NTT2 lengths
37013:12W.J15.1X426(429) Reading RC (H Cookson)(430) St George's College BC (A Walters)NTT2 lengths
42616:30W.J15.1X (429) Reading RC(428) Wallingford RC4:442 1/2 lengths

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