Reading Amateur Regatta

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R E A D I N G   A M A T E U R    R E G A T T A

Saturday 15th &  Sunday 16th June 2024

Rowing in Reading since 1842

Reading Amateur Regatta (Sun)

Sunday 11th June 2017

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Results for University of Wales Swansea RC

RaceTimeStatusNext RaceWinnerSecondTimeVerdict
35911:54W.IM3.8+418(275) University of Chester (Shaw)(431) Status Change (Esterhuyse)NTTRow Over
36011:57W.IM3.8+417(278) Liverpool University (Garmston)(279) Status ChangeNTTRow Over
36112:00W.IM3.8+417(281) Southampton University (Brown)(280) Auriol Kensington (Kerton)3:565 lengths
41816:06W.IM3.8+449(275) University of Chester(277) Reading RC (Klymow)3:523/4 length
41716:03W.IM3.8+449(281) Southampton University(278) Liverpool University3:541/2 length
44917:39W.IM3.8+ (275) University of Chester(281) Southampton University3:523/4 length
41215:18IM2.4+447(286) Radley College Boat Club (RAD)(287) Magdalen/LMH/Mansfield (MAG/LMH/MAN)4:03Row Over
41315:21IM2.4+447(288) University of Wales Swansea RC (Punter)(289) Status ChangeNTTRow Over
44717:33IM2.4+ (286) Radley College Boat Club(288) University of Wales Swansea RC3:351 1/2 lengths
34911:24W.IM2.4+408(306) City of Oxford RC (Larkworthy)(307) Radcliffe Crew (Shao)3:562/3 length
35011:27W.IM2.4+407(310) St. Paul's, USA (Van Ingen)(309) Galway RC4:091 1/3 lengths
35111:30W.IM2.4+407(311) Imperial College (England)(312) Green Templeton BC (Roll)4:01easily
40815:06W.IM2.4+446(306) City of Oxford RC(308) University of Wales Swansea RC (Perkins)4:042 1/2 lengths
40715:03W.IM2.4+446(311) Imperial College(310) St. Paul's, USANTT1 length
44617:30W.IM2.4+ (306) City of Oxford RC(311) Imperial College3:591 length
34611:15W.NOV.4+404(323) Royal Holloway (UL) (Sadler)(322) Cheltenham College (Corbett)4:371 1/4 lengths
40314:51W.NOV.4+444(320) Christ Church College BC (Murgatroyd)(319) Royal Holloway (UL) (Ford)4:17easily
40414:54W.NOV.4+444(321) Southampton University (Howard)(323) Royal Holloway (UL) (Sadler)4:253 1/2 lengths
44417:24W.NOV.4+ (320) Christ Church College BC(321) Southampton University4:11easily
37613:30W.IM2.1X431(408) Upper Thames RC (M Merritt-Smith)(407) University of Wales Swansea RC (G Walton)4:30easily
37713:33W.IM2.1X431(410) De Montfort University RC (P Jones)(409) Reading RC (J Shepherd)4:511/3 length
43116:45W.IM2.1X (408) Upper Thames RC(410) De Montfort University RC4:35easily
30108:45W.NOV.1X319(419) Reading University (A Mayall)(418) Reading RC (S Schryver)NTTRow Over
31609:30W.NOV.1X374(411) Reading University (H Horler)(412) Reading RC (S Lee)5:26easily
31709:33W.NOV.1X374(413) De Montfort University RC (K Tastagh)(414) Reading RC (N Stagg)NTTa canvas
31809:36W.NOV.1X375(416) Reading RC (K Reeman)(415) Reading University (C Hesketh)5:00easily
31909:39W.NOV.1X375(419) Reading University(417) University of Wales Swansea RC (T McArdle)4:45easily
37413:24W.NOV.1X429(413) De Montfort University RC(411) Reading UniversityNTT1/2 length
37513:27W.NOV.1X429(419) Reading University(416) Reading RCNTT1 1/4 lengths
42916:39W.NOV.1X (419) Reading University(413) De Montfort University RC4:433 lengths