Reading Amateur Regatta

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R E A D I N G   A M A T E U R    R E G A T T A

2021 Regatta Cancelled!

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Reading Amateur Regatta (Sun)

Sunday 11th June 2017

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Results for Nottingham & Union RC

RaceTimeStatusNext RaceWinnerSecondTimeVerdict
31109:15IM3.8+364(258) University College London (Dewey)(257) King's College School Wimbledon (Gomez IM3)3:241 1/2 lengths
31209:18IM3.8+365(261) Henley RC (Men 2)(260) Bedford School (Bhamra)NTTRow Over
31309:21IM3.8+366(264) Windsor Boys School (Bodkin)(265) Status ChangeNTTRow Over
31409:24IM3.8+363(266) Nottingham & Union RC (Thomas)(267) Bedford School (Roese)3:202 1/2 lengths
31509:27IM3.8+363(269) Warwick University (Bedford)(268) King's College School Wimbledon (Walton)3:58Row Over
36412:54IM3.8+421(258) University College London(259) Warwick University (Martinez Ridley)3:27easily
36512:57IM3.8+421(262) Manchester University (Gregory)(261) Henley RCNTTRow Over
36613:00IM3.8+395(263) The Oratory School (Kibble)(264) Windsor Boys School3:232 1/2 lengths
36312:51IM3.8+395(266) Nottingham & Union RC(269) Warwick University (Bedford)3:161 1/2 lengths
42116:15IM3.8+437(262) Manchester University(258) University College London3:222 feet
39514:27IM3.8+437(263) The Oratory School(266) Nottingham & Union RCNTT1/3 length
43717:03IM3.8+ (263) The Oratory School(262) Manchester University3:251/3 length
35911:54W.IM3.8+418(275) University of Chester (Shaw)(431) Status Change (Esterhuyse)NTTRow Over
36011:57W.IM3.8+417(278) Liverpool University (Garmston)(279) Status ChangeNTTRow Over
36112:00W.IM3.8+417(281) Southampton University (Brown)(280) Auriol Kensington (Kerton)3:565 lengths
41816:06W.IM3.8+449(275) University of Chester(277) Reading RC (Klymow)3:523/4 length
41716:03W.IM3.8+449(281) Southampton University(278) Liverpool University3:541/2 length
44917:39W.IM3.8+ (275) University of Chester(281) Southampton University3:523/4 length