Reading Amateur Regatta

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R E A D I N G   A M A T E U R    R E G A T T A

Saturday 15th &  Sunday 16th June 2024

Rowing in Reading since 1842

Reading Amateur Regatta

Saturday 10th June 2017

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Results for Putney Town RC

RaceTimeStatusNext Race Winner SecondTimeVerdict
1909:39IM3.8+81VRC(19) Vesta RC (Pearson)BAU(20) Bath UniversityNTT2 lengths
2009:42IM3.8+81UBR(22) University of BristolSHP(21) Shiplake College4:46a canvas
2109:45IM3.8+83SHU(24) Sheffield University RCPTR(23) Putney Town RCNTT5 lengths
2309:51IM3.8+84CHE(26) Cheltenham CollegeLEU(37) University of Leicester5:07easily
2209:48IM3.8+84RBL(28) Reading Blue Coat SchoolNUN(27) Nottingham & Union RCNTT1/4 length
16910:00IM3.8+82RAD(29) Radley College Boat ClubDUL(30) Dulwich CollegeNTTRow Over
2409:54IM3.8+82MAU(31) Manchester UniversityVRC(32) Vesta RC (Chapman)4:542 1/2 lengths
8113:30IM3.8+139VRC(19) Vesta RC (Pearson)UBR(22) University of Bristol4:502 lengths
8313:36IM3.8+139UWK(25) Warwick UniversitySHU(24) Sheffield University RC4:44a canvas
8413:39IM3.8+140RBL(28) Reading Blue Coat SchoolCHE(26) Cheltenham College4:473 lengths
8213:33IM3.8+140MAU(31) Manchester UniversityRAD(29) Radley College Boat Club4:481 1/2 lengths
13916:39IM3.8+165VRC(19) Vesta RC (Pearson)UWK(25) Warwick UniversityNTT3 feet
14016:42IM3.8+165MAU(31) Manchester UniversityRBL(28) Reading Blue Coat School4:451/4 length
16517:57IM3.8+ VRC(19) Vesta RC (Pearson)MAU(31) Manchester University4:441 1/2 lengths
1009:12W.IM3.8+68PAN(54) Pangbourne College BCXYZ(195) Status ChangeNTTNot Rowed Out
1109:15W.IM3.8+68CUR(56) Curlew RC (Phillips)UWS(57) University of Wales Swansea RC5:241 3/4 lengths
1209:18W.IM3.8+69ZGY(59) Galway RCUCL(58) University College London5:151 1/4 lengths
1309:21W.IM3.8+69NUN(61) Nottingham & Union RCKRC(60) Kingston Rowing Club5:322 1/2 lengths
1409:24W.IM3.8+70RDG(62) Reading RCFSC(63) Furnivall Sculling ClubNTT1/2 length
1509:27W.IM3.8+70UOC(65) University of ChesterCBR(64) City of Bristol RC5:332 1/4 lengths
1709:33W.IM3.8+71SOU(67) Southampton UniversityPTR(66) Putney Town RC5:322 1/2 lengths
1809:36W.IM3.8+71UBR(69) University of BristolCUR(68) Curlew RC (Binns)5:415 lengths
6812:21W.IM3.8+128PAN(54) Pangbourne College BCCUR(56) Curlew RC (Phillips)NTT1/4 length
6912:24W.IM3.8+128ZGY(59) Galway RCNUN(61) Nottingham & Union RCNTT2 lengths
7012:27W.IM3.8+129RDG(62) Reading RCUOC(65) University of Chester5:291 1/4 lengths
7112:30W.IM3.8+129UBR(69) University of BristolSOU(67) Southampton University5:261/4 length
12816:06W.IM3.8+161ZGY(59) Galway RCPAN(54) Pangbourne College BCNTT2 lengths
12916:09W.IM3.8+161UBR(69) University of BristolRDG(62) Reading RC5:25a canvas
16117:45W.IM3.8+ ZGY(59) Galway RCUBR(69) University of Bristol5:144 lengths
809:06IM1.4+59UWS(79) University of Wales Swansea RCPTR(80) Putney Town RC2:122 lengths
909:09IM1.4+62BOU(88) Bournemouth UniversitySGC(87) St George's College BCNTT5 lengths
5911:54IM1.4+124UWS(79) University of Wales Swansea RCTRC(81) Thames RC5:024 lengths
6011:57IM1.4+124MON(83) Monmouth RCVRC(82) Vesta RC5:112 1/2 lengths
6112:00IM1.4+125UBR(85) University of BristolSHU(84) Sheffield University RCNTTeasily
6212:03IM1.4+125SOC(86) Southampton Coalporters ARCBOU(88) Bournemouth UniversityNTT2 lengths
12415:54IM1.4+160UWS(79) University of Wales Swansea RCMON(83) Monmouth RC5:082 1/2 lengths
12515:57IM1.4+160UBR(85) University of BristolSOC(86) Southampton Coalporters ARC5:011/2 length
16017:42IM1.4+ UBR(85) University of BristolUWS(79) University of Wales Swansea RC4:591 1/4 lengths
709:03W.IM1.4+56PTR(105) Putney Town RCMBC(106) Molesey BCNTT1 3/4 lengths
5411:39W.IM1.4+121ZWQ(98) Radcliffe CrewCOX(97) City of Oxford RC5:301 length
5511:42W.IM1.4+121VRC(99) Vesta RCIMP(100) Imperial College5:312 feet
4511:12W.IM1.4+110ULO(103) University of LondonCHE(101) Cheltenham CollegeNTTRow Over
5611:45W.IM1.4+110PTR(105) Putney Town RCMAR(104) Marlow RCNTTRow Over
12115:30W.IM1.4+153ZWQ(98) Radcliffe CrewVRC(99) Vesta RC5:263 feet
11014:57W.IM1.4+153PTR(105) Putney Town RCULO(103) University of London5:27a canvas
15317:21W.IM1.4+ PTR(105) Putney Town RCZWQ(98) Radcliffe Crew5:311 1/4 lengths
408:54IM1.4-46CBR(131) City of Bristol RC (Piercy)PTR(130) Putney Town RC2:294 lengths
4211:03IM1.4-114LEA(123) Lea Rowing ClubCBR(124) City of Bristol RC (Verdon)4:441 3/4 lengths
4311:06IM1.4-114CUR(125) Curlew RCRDG(126) Reading RCNTT3 lengths
4411:09IM1.4-115MAV(127) Maidstone Invicta RCOUL(128) Oxford University Lightweights4:591 length
4611:15IM1.4-115CBR(131) City of Bristol RC (Piercy)BED(129) Bedford Rowing Club5:014 lengths
11415:09IM1.4-158LEA(123) Lea Rowing ClubCUR(125) Curlew RCNTTeasily
11515:12IM1.4-158CBR(131) City of Bristol RC (Piercy)MAV(127) Maidstone Invicta RC4:493/4 length
15817:36IM1.4- LEA(123) Lea Rowing ClubCBR(131) City of Bristol RC (Piercy)4:474 lengths