Regatta Stream Stories

2016 Chairman Report

Preparations through the winter by the committee for the 2016 regatta built on the success of the previous years. The entry & regatta control software was an improved version of that introduced in 2015 and the standby generator was not needed. A change in Environment Agency requirements led to larger, A1, course signage and red markers were introduced at 500 and 1000 m. Small red buoys for the racing line were kindly donated from the Redgrave-Pincent Rowing Lake.

The weather over the regatta weekend was calm, mild and humid, with little sun on the Saturday. Sunday was more variable but with a light shower in the afternoon. The river flow was light at 18 and 18.6 m3s-1. Whilst ideal for those racing, more sunny conditions would have encouraged more spectators.

Entries were within our limit of 180 races on each day, with no doubling up allowed. This made it far easier to keep the regatta running to time and a relaxed friendly atmosphere, despite the pressure of three-minute race intervals. Elite entries were again disappointing but entries for the Mini-regatta were higher. As last year, the Mini-regatta prizes were presented by the Mayor of Reading.

This year the two Victor Ludorum awards both went to Henley Rowing Club. These awards were the Saunders Challenge Cup for the best club over the weekend (1500 & 1100 m events) and the Radley Cup for most successful club in the mini-regatta (500 m course).

There was a fairly even split of winners between the Berks and Oxon stations, 55:45 on Saturday and 45:55 on Sunday, with very close wins (< 6 m) accounting for 7 % and 10 % of wins on the respective days. Analysis of the wins over the two days confirmed that there was no difference between the two stations in outcomes of the races. Only a small proportion of the results could be described as close, as shown in the accompanying tables.

Next year will 175 years from the inaugural Reading Amateur Regatta and the committee have already been considering how to mark the occasion, including the striking of an anniversary medal for winners.

Andrew Wilbey