Regatta Stream Stories

The 2019 Regatta

This year is turning out to be a landmark year for Reading Amateur Regatta, bringing a number of exciting changes.

The infliction of the British Rowing Senior National Championships on the busiest part of the rowing calendar came as a shock to the many organisations trying to prepare for their events, particularly those where there was a direct clash. The Reading Amateur Regatta committee have looked carefully at the possible implications of this decision, in order to continue to offer a first-class weekend of racing with the challenge of side-by-side racing over our 1500 and 1000 metre courses.

With the introduction of the ranking indices and potential for smaller groups in the bands then it was decided to move to two divisions per day and to permit doubling-up between the divisions so that those wishing to enter two compatible events in one day could now do so.

Some changes have been made to Junior and Schools events, including the reassignment of the Radley Cup as the Victor Ludorum for Junior events while the Saunders Cup will be the Victor Ludorum for the Senior events over the weekend.

With the British Rowing Masters Championships being held in Strathclyde rather than Nottingham this year, some crews have felt unable to travel so far and asked for events closer to home, so we have decided to offer Masters events over the weekend as well.

These are some of the changes that are taking place at Reading this summer. However, one thing has not changed: I and my committee are as determined as ever to produce the most professional Reading Amateur Regatta that we can, in order to allow both athletes and spectators to enjoy the beauty of side-by-side racing. Why not come and see for yourself?

Andrew Wilbey

2nd April 2019